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Our consultants average over 17 years of experience in the locum tenens medical staffing arena and we’ve all traveled full circle.  We started when our industry, and the companies for whom we worked, were young.  We worked hard and had fun.  We developed tight bonds with our clients and with our Providers.  We were accountable to them, and to each other.  We cared.  And together, we built an incredible industry where Clients, Providers, and Patients were all taken care of.

As time went on the industry, and our companies, changed.  The focus changed to corporate models… the vision changed.   Accountability and service to Physicians and Clients were sacrificed at the altar of stock value and mass marketing.  

We at Ascend Medical feel we can do better!  We are a diverse group with different stories, but we share certain values, and seek common goals….. to bring back that family feel…. That true service to Clients and Doctors… that accountability to them, and to each other.   Our industry walked away from that, and Ascend Medical is bringing it back.

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